Wait Late

by Penn Kemp

I bant bay a bake book ban bore buff
 I can’t kay a cake cook conjure cove
  I don’t day a drake dutch danger dove
   I fount fay a fake fat fang for fluff
    I gaunt go a gape guck gong gore glove
     I haunt hay a heap hutch hunger hove
      I jaunt jay a jake jug jam jar jove
       I launch lay a lake luck long lore love
        I might may a make much mongrel muff
         I night nay a neck nuts none nor enough
          I pant pay a peak pluck ponder puff
           I quaint quai a quick quack queen quarrel coif
            I rant rave a wreck ram wrong roar rough
             I sam say a sake such song soar sieve
              I shan’t shaw a shake such sean shore shove
               I slant slay a slake slung slam or slough
                I chant chafe a cheek chuck chum chore chuff
                 I taunt tea a take touch tongue tore tough
                  I won’t weigh a wake watch won wore wove
                   I yam yay a yak yuck younger you of yore or

I can’t stay awake much longer, love

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