An Embarassed but Proud Father

by Arthur Hiller

A seven year old comes running into the garage where his/her father is repairing the kid’s bicycle

Daddy! Daddy! Mommy says if I write a one minute play for you, you could win a $70.00 prize. Is that right?

Well yes, but what would you write about…our hiking trips or our bicy…

KID (overlapping)
I’d write about when I fell out of the boat and you jumped in and got me, and we had trouble staying up….and that nice white man jumped in from the trees and pulled us back to the shore.

But then people would know I couldn’t swim very well and shouldn’t have—–

KID (Overlapping)
Yes, yes, but they’ll also know a white man can help a black man….that we all have to help each other.

That’s very good. If I win the money, I’ll give it to you.

No. I don’t want the money. I just want to write some more. I love writing. You can give the money to somebody who needs it.

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