The Wells Annual International One Minute Play Festival
First year’s Winning Play

Kindness is the Road to Success

by Jessica Hargrove

Charlie – The Father – Performed by Jessica Hargrove
Lizzy – the Daughter – Performed by Carrisa Hargrove
Thomas – the Poor Miner – performed by Joey Hargrove
Richard – the greedy Miner – performed by Graydon Hargrove
Old Man – The Trapper Old Miner – performed by Carrisa Hargrove


Charlie: (to audience)
“I’m Charlie Werstick, the owner of the richest goldmine in the Cariboo, and this is the story of how I found a husband for my daughter.”

Thomas and Richard: (to Lizzy)
“Will you marry me?”

Lizzy: (to Charlie)
“Oh father, help me, I can’t make up my mind.”

Thomas and Richard: (to Lizzy)
“Will you Please marry me?”

Charlie: (to Thomas and Richard)
“How about a contest: who ever brings out the most gold in two hours shall win my daughter and the goldmine.”

Thomas and Richard: (to Charlie)
“I’ll do it, I’ll find the most gold.”

(Richard runs into mine and Thomas takes his time)

Old Man: (To Richard)
“Help me, I’m trapped, and I am going to die.”

Richard: (to Old Man)
“Are you joking you foolish old man? I have no time. Helping you will not win me Lizzy’s hand. For I must be owner of this goldmine.”

(Richard kicks old man)
(Thomas runs to the old man)
Thomas: (to old man)
“Don’t worry old man, I’ll save you.”

(Thomas takes boulder off of the old man)

Old Man: (to Thomas)
“Take this gold, for you have saved my life.”

Charlie: (to Thomas and Richard)
“Your time is up. Now let’s see what you have.”

(Thomas and Richard bring their gold to Charlie)
(Thomas has more gold)

Charlie: (to Thomas)
“Thomas, you’re truly the winner. Remember kindness is needed for both a good ownership of this mine and marriage.”

(Richard takes his gold)

Richard: (to himself)
“Oh Dang!”

Lizzy: (to Thomas)
“Oh Thomas!!”

(Lizzy and Thomas Kiss)

The End

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