Oh guitar

by Liona Maria Boyd

Oh guitar!
Oh guitar!
female form that seized my senses
silver strings that claim my soul,
sing to the night of a thousand moons
and hold for ransom the gypsies muse.

Bathed in the perfumes of Granada,
brushed by the desert’s dusty kiss,
with music whispered to the wind
seduce the new world’s virgin heart.

So weep guitar as you inspire
the tears that taste of solitude,
ignite the passions in my blood
that fire the fuse of memory.

And like a lover take these hands
held hostage to the end of time,
pay homage to the poet’s words
“La vida es sueno y los suenos, suenos son.”

~ Liona Maria Boyd

P.S. You could do the last two lines in English if you prefer.
It is a quote from a famous Spanish author Calderon de la Barca, which means “Life is a dream, but dreams are only dreams.”

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