Early 80’s Toronto

by Laura Borealis
© 2002


Author’s note:

Here’s a thing that only takes a minute to read for your event. Probably a girl or woman should read it. They could read it in a relaxed way, and with very liitle emotional emphasis. almost monotone. I used to say that’s cool or that’s gross with the same emotionless delivery, so have them do it like that.


My mom asked me to go to the pharmacy alone one night and this guy was following me the whole way. I ran into the pharmacy and hid for a long time. Then I went out the other side of the mall and ran home. I had a block, or so advantage, so I out-ran him. I was the only kid in my class who could actually run a mile without either getting bored to death or having leg cramps. So my gym teacher placed me on the track team. I liked running during gym for long periods of time so I didn’t have to do the other sports. I didn’t want to compete, but she insisted. I would sometimes go jogging with my dad on our frequent divorce trips to montreal. It was the only time I could have him alone, away from the step mother. I’d have my adidas on and keep up with him around mount royal. The day of the track meet was a non event. All the cool guys at my school were cheering for me. I was rolling my eyes skyward knowing the outcome. There was a girl who removed her scoliosis brace before the race. I was, of course, going to let her finish ahead of me. I just made sure I wasn’t last because that would be giving up. I could hear the disappointment from the crowd and we still had a lap to go. I ran in the windless space behind the young lady with scoliosis.

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