Greetings dear readers. We are so pleased that you have made your way to our corner of the world. We do hope the journey was not too trying. We imagine it wasn’t as difficult as those who made their ways to Wells BC during the ‘dirty thirties’. That Devil’s Canyon can be a tricky spot, even in the best of weather.

Here you will find information pertaining to the Wells Annual International One Minute Play Festival. Such a grand name for a grand event… for the duller readers among us (and I know this does not mean you!) this is a theatrical event put on each year in the bustling town of Wells, BC, Canada. We like to think of it as a unique and exciting project intended to make theatre entertaining and accessible. Imagine a night of sexual frivolity, untamed men and women, star crossed lovers and downright shocking behaviour… and then there are the plays, the fabulous plays!

The concept is simple… plays about anything or anyone with one rule, they must be performed or read in a minute or less. This pushes the idea of ‘flash fiction’ to the edge, it is quite challenging to communicate a broad social concept in a succinct fashion. The festival takes place in the historic ‘Deluxe Boarding House’ in Wells. We are certain that the juxtaposition of a heritage building housing modern theatrical ideas will not be lost on our sharper visitors (of course I mean you, darling).

So once again dear readers, welcome to our small space on the web and please feel free to poke around in our dark corners and discover something that inspires the soul and becomes the cool hand that soothes your fevered culture-starved mind.